Our Fittings are made in the USA

 Made in the USA


Diamond Aluminum Company


#100 Economy Tee
#103 Adjustable Tee
#105 Elbow
#111 Adjustable Cross
#115 Side Outlet Tee
#300 Rack King


Below is an overview of the fittings and pipe  that the Diamond Aluminum Company provides. At Diamond Aluminum Company, we have been providing high quality American made cast aluminum structural slip on fittings since 1957 and aim to provide the same convenient, quality service that has made us a leader in the industry.

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Labor Saving

Using no welding , no threading, no bending, and a minimum of cutting one unskilled person can completely build a structure in the same time it would ordinarily take several skilled craftsman to do the job. Simply slip the Diamond Aluminum slip fitting on the pipe and tighten the set screw. That’s all there is to it! Saves time, labor and money on every job! Despite the amazing assembly speed, structures build with Diamond Aluminum fittings are super-strong, they can be left up permanently or temporarily. Structures can be built to fit any required space, are completely adjustable, and can be expanded in height, width, and length. The Diamond Aluminum unique fitting are completely adaptable for tube or pipe structures of any kind, they're extremely durable, rust-proof, practically stress-corrosion proof, require no painting and no maintenance. Completely salvageable too, they can be used again and again on job after job. With Diamond Aluminum fittings your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Material Specifications

DIAMOND’S slip-on fittings are made of unusually high-strength light-weight aluminum alloy of aircraft quality, complete ASTM, SAE, Federal and Military specifications. This very same alloy is used in military aircraft because of its great resistance to explosive impact and corrosion.  Under the most corrosive conditions this alloy has been practically stress-corrosion proof and cited as such by a number of prominent aluminum authorities.  Only the latest and most efficient foundry casting methods are used in the manufacture of DIAMOND’S, fittings. Assuring you of the finest fittings at the lowest possible prices.

Exclusive “Tapered-Diamond Design

The “tapered-diamond” for the set screw threads is not a design without purpose-the “diamond” tapers out to cover 30% of the barrel where extra strength is needed most, allowing set screws to be tightened to a point where even vibration loosening is virtually


3/4 inch fittings
Fittings for 3/4 inch schedule 40 pipe

1-1/4 inch fittings
Fittings for 1-1/4 inch schedule 40 pipe

1 inch tube fittings
Fittings for 1 inch tubing

Elbow fittings
Fixed and adjustable elbow fittings in all sizes

Base flange fittings
Fixed and adjustable flanges in all sizes

Adjustable fittings
Adjustable fittings in all sizes

1 inch fittings
Fittings for 1 inch schedule 40 pipe

1-1/2 inch fittings
Fittings for 1-1/2 inch schedule 40 pipe

2 inch fittings
Fittings for 2 inch schedule 40 pipe

Tee fittings
Fixed and adjustable tee fittings in all sizes

Cross and crossover fittings
Fixed and adjustable crosses and crossovers in all sizes

Schedule 40 aluminum pipe
Pipe sizes to match our fittings

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Diamond Aluminum Company
Manufacturers of Diamond Slip On Fittings & Aluminum Pipe
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Our Fittings are made in the USA

 Made in the USA