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9 Cool Projects You Can Make with Pipe and Fittings

If you dig industrial décor—the edgy aesthetic that celebrates old-school utilitarian design—get psyched to discover some fun new do-it-yourself projects, all using black fittings. That’s right: Plumbing has emerged from behind the walls to star in all kinds of practical, great-looking designs. Even if you don’t consider yourself especially crafty, you can create cool stuff, because the threaded fittings join together easily. Plus, this trend is tough. Basic plumbing supplies like iron flanges, elbow joints, and nipples (plumbers’ parlance for straight pipes) are sturdy enough to support shelves or bars—or even the bathroom sink! Just clean off any grease from your assembled projects with mineral spirits, add a layer of finishing wax to stave off rust, and they’ll look appropriate in any room of the house.

And, as you’ll find upon perusing, a leading online plumbing and HVAC retailer, plumbing parts can be had for pennies, so you’ll get a major return on a rock-bottom investment. Start clicking to get inspired by the stylish furnishings other folks have pulled off with their plumbing, then get busy making your own pipe dreams come true!

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