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Completed Projects

Discover the Diamond Difference

With no welding, threading, bending, and minimal tools, it’s no wonder why structural pipe fittings from Diamond Aluminum are used in so many different ways! Despite the amazing assembly speed, structures built with Diamond Aluminum fittings are super-strong, can be left up permanently or temporarily, and can be built to fit nearly any space. Below are some completed projects from the past.

Clear Filters
ADA Ramp Safety Rails
Material Carts with Pipe Fitting Handles
Outdoor Stairs with Center Railing
Stairs with Flowers and Pipe Fitting Rails
Outdoor Park Stairs with Center Railing
Handrails in Park
Aluminum Fitting Industrial Racks
Industrial Warehouse Racks
Interior Stair Railing
Large Restaurant Awning and Railings
Pedestrian Safety Rail
Outdoor Residential Stair Rail
Aluminum Pipe Fitting Diving Board
Aircraft Maintenance Scaffolding
Golf Cart Storage Rack