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What are the Different Scaffolding Jobs?

Scaffolding, the series of metal tubes, joints and wooden planks that provide workers stability in high up places, are an essential part of business. Scaffolding is such a wide-ranging industry that there are a number of scaffolding jobs available, including engineers, managers, erectors and the brave workers who climb these structures. Each of these jobs serves a specific purpose in the chain of using scaffolds to create, clean and repair buildings.

A scaffold engineer is a important part of the process because he or she plans and designs structures for many different kinds of work. These scaffolding jobs require a strong understanding of math, physics and computers. An engineer spends most of the time designing suspended scaffolding, ground-based scaffolding and innovative ideas to serve specific purposes. This person is responsible for helping make other jobs easier and for improving workers’ safety.

A scaffolding erector takes the blueprints for specific scaffold plans and constructs them. These scaffolding jobs require a strong attention to detail, an ability to read detailed plans and physical strength. These scaffolding jobs often require workers to do the job in high places, so a fear of heights is not compatible. After the scaffold is constructed and the work is complete, these scaffold builders also break down the scaffolding quickly and safety.

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