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What Is a Tubing Coupler?

A tubing coupler is a connector that joins two sections of tubing together, using friction or compression to seal the connections. Tubing may be made of metal, plastic, or flexible elastomers and is used for carrying liquids and gases in lower pressure applications. Most tubing is not manufactured with connections at either end, because many applications require non-standard lengths of tubing, and it can be easily cut to a desired size.

Adding a tubing coupler allows a user to size the tubing to meet their needs, connect sections together, and complete an installation quickly. Some couplers are designed to be attached and detached repeatedly, allowing tubing to be moved, or disconnected for different accessories to be added. Others may be considered permanent connections, because the two halves are screwed together and must be removed with tools.

Another type of tubing coupler is an angle connector, which allows tubing to change direction without being bent. Some metal tubing can collapse if a user attempts to bend it by hand. To avoid this, angled couplers can be added between two straight sections of tubing, allowing the tubing to change direction as needed.

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